Paul O’Kane, the owner of Fine by Design, has a unique talent for residential remodeling, which could simply be called home-building intelligence. Paul can almost instantly recognize a design style that will work best for a home and visualize the renovation upon its completion.

Satisfied clients often say “Paul just knows how to create a beautiful home.”

Paul O’Kane has been a licensed general building contractor since 1989. And his expertise comes from more than 20 years of professional experience as a remodeling contractor in the SF Bay Area. But the roots of Paul’s building talents can further be explained by his personal background.

He spent his early years growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a country with a complex political and cultural history. As a youth, Paul took many trips to the rugged and beautiful Irish countryside—and what he saw there inspired him.

As a teen, Paul moved with his family to the United States and while in high school worked at his father’s painting company, developing an interest in home design, residential architecture, and other areas of home improvement.  Early in his career Paul worked as a cabinet maker and professional painter.

Today, Fine by Design uses sustainable materials whenever possible, striking a balance between environmental safety and creating remodeled kitchens and baths that have unique look and feel.

From the tranquil environment of Petaluma, Paul starts his relationship with you. Asking questions. Listening. And then collaborating with you to create a stunning project, a remodeled kitchen, bath or whole-house renovation that brings you satisfaction.